Trading Tools

OptionBit offers traders a variety of advanced trading tools to allow a successful trading experience. All tools below are available when trading currency digital trades only. Traders will be able to activate and use trading tools starting 5 minutes after entering the trade and until 10 minutes before expiry.


The ‘Close’ trading tool is very similar to “stop loss” and “take profit” orders available when trading conventional foreign exchange. In case of a losing trade, this tool allows traders to close their trades for a minimal cost, not jeopardizing the entire investment they have set on that trade. In case of a winning trade, traders will be able to close the trade before the expiry time and by thus securing their profit.


The ‘Extend’ trading tool allows traders to extend a losing trade until the next expiry time when they have a firm enough reason to believe their speculation will take slightly longer to realize. For a minimal cost traders are able to prolong their trades, giving their speculation a longer period to realize. The cost of extending will be deducted from the trader’s balance as soon as he authorized extending the order. In case of losing the extended order, the investment’s sum will be deducted regardless of the tool’s cost.


AutoTrade, located in the trade-entering box on the upper right, allows traders to follow an ongoing trend for a predetermined number of trades.

When recognizing a long term trend and clicking the AutoTrade button, the trader will be asked to choose how many times will the trade reopen with the options being 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive trades. Each time a trade reopens, the system will automatically invest the winning sum only, by thus securing the trader’s initial investment.

The trades will continue opening as long as the previous trend was a winning trade; thus the first losing trade will put an end to the AutoTrade offer.