Never Miss a Trend 

Signals is an in-house technologically developed algorithm constantly scanning the financial markets. The result is simple – Signals locates newly forming trends, and signals the trader when the time is right to enter a trade.

Signals is a highly professional signal system that strengthens the trader’s ability to locate trends. When trading with Signals, the trader is not required to determine the asset’s direction, rather, he or she is required to determine with regards to the correct timing to enter his/her trade.

Like Digital and Turbo trading, Signals too is meant for traders who value overall profit over high hit rates. Trading signals provide an approximated measurement of the market direction. A signal indicates a potential change in an asset’s price.

Signals do not recommend or offer trade advice, and there is no guarantee that the signals yield positive results. Each client is free to accept or reject the signals. Optionbit does not accept responsibility for losses incurred by clients due to direct or indirect use of signals.